Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Vintage Hawaii 84 Kain Sambung (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AA
*Ada bocor (see picture)
Size M fit M/L(Pit 20, Length 27)
Made in USA
Material 50/50
*Single Stitch
Tag Medallion
RM149 (Sold)

Ringer California (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AAA
Size L(Pit 21, Length 26.5)
Made in ???
Material 50/50 (Pasir)
*Single Stitch
*Ada tulang tepi
Tag California-T (not Vintage)
RM49 (Sold)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Vintage 3 Suku The Rolling Stone 1981 (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AAAAAAA
Size L fit M(Pit 18, Length 27)
Made in USA
Material 50/50
Tag Sneakers putih
Copyright 1981
*Gambar belakang lupa ambek!!!fak
RM529 (Sold)

Vintage Playboy 3 Kain (12% Rayon) (SOLD)

Condition AAA
*Ada satu lubang kat depan tapi dah tampal
Size L fit M(Pit 19, Length 26)
Made in USA
Material 12 rayon
Tag Playboy
RM409 (Sold)

Vintage David Copperfield (50/50) Paperthin (SOLD)

Condition A
*Ada dua Lubang kecil (See Picture)
Size M(Pit 18.5, Length 26)
Made in ??
Material 50/50
Kain nipissssssss
Tag Missing
RM99 (Sold)

Vintage Lacoste Ringer (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AAA
*Ada tetas kat bahu (see picture)
Size M (Pit 18.5, Length 27)
Made in Japan
Material 50/50 (Macam ventex pun ada)
Tag Chemiste Lacoste

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vintage Def Leppard Hysteria 1987 (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AA
Size L(Pit 19, Length 25)
Made in USA
Material 50/50
Tag Spring Ford
Copyright 1987
RM229 (Sold)

Vintage Audi San Francisco Marathon 1985 (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AAA
Size XL fit M(Pit 19, Length 25.5)
Made in USA
Material 50/50
Tag Ched (lupa nak snap gambar)
RM59 (Sold)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Vintage Doobie Brothers Tour Japan 1989 (50/50)

Condition A
Size L(Pit 18.5, Length 26.5)
Made in ??
Material 50/50
Tag Hancur

Vintage Sunstrokes University of Hawaii (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AAA
Size S(Pit 18, Length 25)
Made USA
Material 5050
Tag The Sunstrokes
RM299 (Sold)

Vintage Black Sabbath Sleeveless (SOLD)

Condition B
single stitch
Size L(Pit 20, Length 24)
Made in Pakistan
Material 100 cotton
Tag fantasy inc
RM89 (Sold)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage 3 Suku Kings Island 1984 (50/50) (SOLD)

Condition AAA
Size L fit M(Pit 18.5, Length 27.5)
Made in USA 
Material 50/50
Tag ScreenStars
RM89 (Sold)

Vintage 3 Kain Erving SkyHawks (SOLD)

Condition AAA
*Tag tercabut
Size M/L(Pit 19, Length 27)
Made in ???
Material 3 Kain InsyaAllah 
Tag ???
RM109 (Sold)